Broken Pool Fence Glass on the Gold Coast Some tips to help.

Broken Pool Fence Glass on the Gold Coast? Some tips to help.

We are not saying that if you have a glass pool fence installed that damages are imminent, however, incidents do happen and damages can occur. This could be because of a range of reasons, stones from lawn mowers or other types of landscaping machinery, heavy objects coming into contact with the rim of the glass screen, or purely something heavy falling on it from a height. Although all glass screens for pool fencing have been strengthened they can still create tiny, sharp fragments of glass after a breakage. All Australian Pool fences should meet the Australian Standard AS/NZS2208 and are classified as “Grade A Toughened Safety Glass”. That means that there shouldn’t be any shards of glass but rather a pile of small glass cubes, they look safe enough but can create fine little cuts to your skin unless managed appropriately. That is why we wanted to tell you what to do if you have a Broken Pool Fence.

First thing is to ensure that nobody enters the vicinity without any shoes, and if possible move as much glass from the rim of the pool. If you’re lucky and your glass panel is not in the direct vicinity of the pool then you can start to clean it up straight away. You will need to use a conventional broom that as stiff as possible or else you will find it quite difficult to sweep it up. Next off, consider the weight of a glass panel (up to 70kg), that means that there is this quantity of glass in weight on the ground and you will need a tough container to put it in. Do not try and use any kind of plastic bag, just consider it should be a container that can handle the load.

Try not to handle the broken glass at all with exposed hands, a reliable pair of yard gloves should be a minimum step– if you have something tougher, use those. It is also a good idea to use a metal dustpan if you have one, a plastic one will do the job but you may find it struggle to hold all the mass of the glass. Once you have gathered all the glass from the area outside the pool, then it is time to get the glass out of the pool. Some swimming or diving goggles is most ideal to use here and the glass pieces will be a lot easier to see if they’re not in direct sunlight. Use the dustpan below the water to scoop as much as possible. An useful trick is to then place a sieve or some sort of netting over the basket of your filter box and use the vacuum hose of your pool pump to retrieve the remainders. This will stop any glass going through your filter system and causing potential damage.

Once you have cleaned up the glass from the Broken Pool Fence as best you can it is time to find a glass pool fence provider that supply and install replacement screens. Not all glass pool fence contractors will do this as it can be very costly and tricky to predict the time needed for each individual job. Keep in mind this will not be the exact price as you acquired your glass pool fence per metre for, as much of the cost will be in work, not supplies. Most panels require at the very least two people to lift them and normally two site visits are required. One time to evaluate the proportions of the replacement panel, and the next visit to mount it. Costs can vary a lot on this type of repair service and we have found costs on the market anywhere between $500 – $1000 per panel. The size of the panel will not alter this price by much because as mentioned before, the majority of this price is in labour.

It is always best to confirm that you have cleaned up as much of the glass as possible as most companies will charge additional fees for cleaning. This can turn out be very costly as you would be paying tradesmen by the hour to sweep up glass – so wise to have it done before they arrive.

If you want to learn how to deal with a Broken Pool Fence, or even more about your pool fence, ways to avoid breakages, steps to take for care, or even get a cost-free quote on a replacement pool fence, then call us on 1300 937 902 and take a look at a few of our success stories at our Gold Coast Pool Fence Website

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