Company History

Company History

When glass pool fencing started to become popular for residential homes over a decade ago, the owner of Absolut Custom Glass Systems, Jason Walsh could find the potential for this sort of pool fencing on the Gold Coast. With a good track record in design and business he teamed up with a long-time glazier colleague.

This was without a doubt a time when glass swimming pool fences were definitely only found in resorts and 5 star hotels and with the assembly costs of toughened glass progressively being more affordable, glass pool fencing was becoming cost effective for home owners. After developing and setting up more than a few fences for friends and family the word soon began to spread that glass pool fencing on the Gold Coast was no longer limited to the resorts and hotels.

It really did not take very long before the neighbours of our first customers began to request our phone number and wanted to have glass pool fences installed around their own pools. This was when the internet was still getting traction and smartphones didn’t exist. All our business in those times was actually from word of mouth. Over the last 15 years of mounting glass swimming pool fences on the Gold Coast we are actually an industry that has had the ability to reduce our prices. 15 years ago, a glass pool fence would undoubtedly have cost double of what it costs now as a result of the manufacturing processes evolving with economies of scale.

Over the years, Absolut Custom Glass Systems has certainly set up every sort of glass pool fences system you could possibly imagine, and we have seen the systems advance through much better engineering, design as well as ability to satisfy the incoming pool safety policies. In the lead up to the national swimming pool fence rules coming in, a lot of businesses appeared claiming to be the best on the market. As you know, anyone can simply claim to be the best, but our products speak for themselves.

With the tremendous impact the internet has had on companies reaching and communicating with their client base, the majority of our work still comes from referrals. The only distinction is that now people can search for our website, without needing to write down phone numbers on scraps of paper. We understand how crucial it is for our customers to be able to check out our past work on our website, and for our business to engage with them.

With a ten-year promise on the structural integrity of our fence installations, we endorse every project we do. We have been in this game for a long time and plan on being here for a lot longer, made possible by our trained staff and contractors and much more than 50 years of combined experience between us. That’s what you get when you use Absolut Custom Glass Systems for glass pool fencing on the Gold Coast.

Customised Solutions

At Absolut, we have the experience to provide custom-made architectural designs for all frameless glass pool fencing applications like raked glass, coloured tinted glass and even curved glass. Absolut’s stainless steel hardware features options for premium soft close hinges to hold 12mm gates and a range of customised square or round spigots in addition to customised stainless steel special fittings to go well with any application.

Our custom glass is designed to the highest standard by Australia’s top glass manufacturer.

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Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

We give an Exclusive Lifetime Structural Warranty on all our product’s structural integrity and set ups which gives our clients protection against any conceivable problems in our products or in our workmanship, This is a competitive edge that provides us a significant strength over our competitors who often don’t offer the same guarantees. We stand by our Glass solutions, and so should you.


Company Brochure

Our Company brochure displays a variety of our success stories and fantastic Glass Pool Fencing products offered on the Gold Coast. Absolut Custom Glass has been installing frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fences for near to 20 years so you can feel confident you are dealing with a company that knows its business well.


Absolut Value

Glass Fencing is more cost effective than ever before! So, don’t assume that our quality products will break your budget. You don’t get by in this business for over 15 years by overcharging. We are still among the most reputable and competitively priced businesses in our industry in the Gold Coast and South East Queensland.


Design Concepts

We pride ourselves on the simple fact that we have the capacity to design a pool enclosure that will bring out the best in your house and add value for your house for many years to come. We understand that the joy of owning your own pool can’t be beaten, and with the wonders of the Gold Coast, you want to be able to take full advantage of your views.

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