Glass Colours and Tints

Are there many different Colours of Pool Fence Glass?

Whenever we carry out quotes for Frameless Glass pool fences In the Gold Coast we generally have individuals inquiring about Colours of Pool Fence Glass. Mainly, we don’t use glass that has been colourised– but the sorts of glass we utilize do vary in their purity.

A considerable amount of the glass that is manufactured today is made to fit budgets, and often this normal glass is the one that is used for day-to-day Frameless Glass pool fences. However, if you are searching for a greater look, or added strength, Absolut Custom glass can help you – there are of course types of glass that can appear to be much more clear than the others.

The clear glass that we most frequently use on the Gold Coast are Starphire, UltraClear, Optiwhite, Starwhite and Krystal Klear just to list a few.

Just what is the difference?

Actually, the process of developing this very clear glass starts in the manufacturing system. Normal toughened glass will ordinarily have a slight green tint to it. This is not typically obvious to the naked eye when looking right at a panel. It becomes more noticeable when you look down a side of the glass, this is the place where it may look fairly green.

Quite often to the untrained eye, all the glass will look clear, until you put a piece of a style of ultra-clear glass up next to the standard glass. These sorts of Ultra clear glass are an outcome of the manufacturer decreasing the amount of iron content in the glass.

Lots of people don’t often think about iron in glass, but it is an aspect that is a crucial portion of the manufacturing process with glass. And to create this low iron content glass, they tend to use a Silica-rich process instead– silica being an ingredient found in sand.

There are some terrific benefits to this sort of glass, and not just the aesthetic appeal. We have really seen a sizable surge in the manufacture of ultra-clear styles of glass due to the solar power industry. Because this type of glass can hold heat longer it is the recommended choice for solar panel glass. This says that we will keep seeing manufacturing costs decrease later on because of this increase in demand.

But just like any aspect of a Custom Glass Pool Fence on the Gold Coast, you should consider your pool size and budget– often these top-quality glass types are thought of as a luxury item. If you would like to speak with anyone about possible options for Colours of Pool Fence Glass, feel free to call us on 1300 937 902.

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