Caring for your glass - Our tips for Pool Fence Maintenance

Caring for your glass – Our tips for Pool Fence Maintenance

Caring for your pool fence is necessary, but are you cleaning the wrong way? There are considerable amounts of little tips and tricks in order to help make sure that you are caring thoroughly for your pool and pool fence on the Gold Coast, and there are plenty of tips for maintaining the glass. Habitually cleaning is especially important if your Gold Coast pool gets constant use, or if you live near the water. The chemicals along with salt water in the air can leave streaks on the glass and expedite possible corrosion on your fixtures.

At Absolut Custom Glass we need to clean a great deal of glass and so we have developed a quick way to do this that we would like to show you

To clean your Pool Fence your will need:

  • A soft inside broom that will not actually damage the glass.
  • A plastic tub or bucket that the Broom will fit in
  • Hot water. (absolutely not boiling).
  • Rinse Aid or another glass finishing item that is used in dishwashers– the company won’t make a difference.
  • Cold water– from a hose, or a different bucket.

You simply have to fill a container with hot water, and then add 4-5 Tablespoons of Rinse Aid into the bucket. This has prepared your cleaning formula.

Using the basic mixture in the bucket, dip a soft broom into the bucket until it is completely wet.

Well then, using the broom, sweep/mop the glass panel. Make sure that you clean away any visible streaks, marks, or salt residue.

Finally, use the hose to rinse away your cleaning product, and transfer to the next panel.

It should take less than a minute for each panel, and is a nifty and quick way to preserve your glass. Pay extra focus on any glass panels that have prominent residue or streaks on them – this will typically be the glass panels that are alongside the edge of the pool that you would exit and enter from – these do often have the tendency to get more water splashed on them. These panels may need to be cleaned more regularly, and so with this technique it should make it easier to clean, (and harder for you to put things off. This is also a great technique to use on external windows and glass– particularly if you have a dog that leaves prints or marks on your windows.

At Absolut Custom Glass we are always thinking of clever ideas to make life easier, and make the lives of our customers easier.
If you ever would like to talk more about pool fences, feel free to get in touch with Absolut Custom Glass on 1300 937 902 and we will be delighted to talk through your fencing issues.

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